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Keeping it classy

I think this might be the most tasteful bit of Obama merchandise since this thing (“His confident smile and kind eyes …”)

Also, this, this and this.

*update: and this.


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Goodall Wooten repairs

As I mentioned earlier in another post here, about an hour of my Saturday afternoon involved patching a hole in a resident’s ceiling. A pipe draining the shower above theirs had sprung a leak about a week before, and the plumber had to break through the ceiling to repair the leaky pipe.

The residents (justifiably) weren’t happy with the hole in the ceiling of their shower, and when they compained to the building manager, Kevin, about the problem, he promptly repaired it in Goodall Wooten fashion: with duct tape and sheet of plastic. I promised pictures: here they are.

The hole, and my co-worker Natasha's blurred hand.

The hole, and my co-worker Natasha's blurred hand.

Kevin's repair job. Seriously.

Kevin's repair job. Seriously.

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I really should be studying for the LSAT that I will be taking a week from today, but that is difficult because I am also working at the Goodall Wooten, which means that every few minutes, someone shows up and asks me to do something for them. So far I have helped someone move out, put someone else’s curtain through a washing machine and plastered over a hole in someone’s ceiling that the building manager had duct-taped a sheet of plastic over (I’m not kidding about that: I’ll post pictures later).

Also, some of our residents just got the new Beatles edition of Rock Band, so I have spent the last few hours, when not doing odd jobs, listening to the wannabe Beatles, which gets very tedious, very fast.

So, instead, I’ll while away some time here.

The topic of the day is Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas), former chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, easily among the most amusing members of congress. Why? Well, this for starters.

In addition to seeing right through the pseudo-science of plate tectonics, Barton has already figured out how to deal with global warming: we just need to “get shade.”

And, of course, my personal favorite: Barton’s comments on wind power to a March meeting of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Wind is God’s way of balancing heat. Wind is the way you shift heat from areas where it’s hotter to areas where it’s cooler. That’s what wind is. Wouldn’t it be ironic if in the interest of global warming we mandated massive switches to energy, which is a finite resource, which slows the winds down, which causes the temperature to go up? Now, I’m not saying that’s going to happen, Mr. Chairman, but that is definitely something on the massive scale. I mean, it does make some sense. You stop something, you can’t transfer that heat, and the heat goes up. It’s just something to think about.

What could make all of this even more hilarious? Maybe if Barton were gunning for a Senate appointment?

Here are some more greatest hits from Barton and a few choice colleagues. And, with that off my chest, back to studying.

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I liked the metro …


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He is also crossing his fingers in one of these … but which one?

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pearyA fascinating story that gracefully dramatizes how stubbornly we can cling to illogic.

(The NY Times put it behind a paywall, so I’ve posted it as a pdf)

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